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“Ghana’s Hyper-inflation Is Self-inflicted” – Justice E. Appiah Opines



Quizzing, if a 13% increase in transport fares in February 2022 can push the Consumer Price Index ( Inflation) to 23.4% in April, then what do you think will happen after a 20% increase in transport fares in May. Your guess is as good as mine. Predictably, we are likely to hit 30% in May/June.

Inflation is now more dangerous than Covid -19 and should be treated as a national security issue. Recently, the National Security Coordinator through the Ministry of National Security has issued a security alert to religious organizations to enhance their security due to imminent security threats in the subregion compounded by the current economic hardships. But, how did we get here? We are here mainly due to winning the election at all cost(2020), mismanagement, corruption, and misappropriation of our scarce resources, and the love for killer, obnoxious and regressive taxes which are contrary to what they promised.

Apart from war-torn Sudan, failed Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Angola, Ghana is next with 23.4% inflation for the month of April 2022. Our neighboring countries, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, and Burkina Faso are hovering between 3% – 15.9%. Is Ghana the only country in the subregion affected by Covid -19 and Ukraine- Russian War? Clearly, we are not doing things right as a country. The sad thing is that our resources are being wasted on the personal comfort of the President and his family and friends at the expense of ordinary citizens.

The excuse for the Covid – 19 and Ukraine – Russian War is nothing but a shirking of responsibility and lack of leadership since leadership is about taking responsibility and solving problems to make life better for ordinary people. It is about time, that Akuffo Addo-Bawumia- NPP-led government stops blaming the current economic quagmire on others and current global happenings, and takes the bull by the horn.

Interestingly, the current managers of the economy led by Dr. Bawumia were very loud in opposition and promised to move the country from taxation to production. However, the opposite is what is happening. Borrowing is unabated, over six(6) new taxes have been introduced in 2021 and 2022 alone, and their expenditure is on consumption instead of capital investment which will bear fruits in the near future. It is therefore not surprising that rising food prices and transport fares are the major drivers of the current hyperinflation, we are experiencing.

Inflation is silently and consistently eroding the real value of our income at such an alarming and uncontrollable rate. Urgent and pragmatic steps must be taken immediately to address this canker since the ordinary Ghanaians: the trotro and taxi drivers, kayayes, truck pushers, traders, farmers, teachers, nurses, etc. would bear the biggest brunt of this silent killer called inflation. Indeed, Ghanaians are really suffering and deserve better!

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Prophet Kumchacha Eyes 2024 Presidency



The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries,  Prophet Nicholas Osei mostly known as Kumchacha, has formally declared his intent to contest in the 2024 presidential election on the ticket of the Kum People’s Party (KPP).

According to information gathered from close sources and his team, Prophet
Kumchacha did not just wake up to this fate but has thoroughly thought through it before moving into motion. Kumchacha who is known for his aggressive outbursts on social and political issues in the country deems himself fit for presidency because he believes he being a man of God with thousands of people under his care knows how best to manage the nation.

The man of God is said to have already assembled a team of able bodied men with intellect and drive who are ready to serve the country Ghana. Prophet Kumchacha promises a government that prioritizes the needs of the needy and less privileged.

His team furthered that, the prophet realising the fact that all past governments having abused the rule of law, and lying to power by playing with the intelligence of Ghanaians, he sees himself as the saviour to correct all the wrongs of the country now because he has all the clues and policies needed to reconstruct the nation.


His team also projected that team KPP led by Prophet Kumchacha believes partisanship is the major contributing factor of our woes as a country and the faster we ditch it, the better. They indicated that Ghana is underdeveloped because of bad leadership. They urged Ghanaians to do away with the politics of “NPP and NDC” and see their leader, Prophet Kumchacha as the alternative.

Kumchacha and his “Kum People’s Party” in their manifesto spelt out ten core objectives of revamping Ghana’s economy. Starting by focusing on unemployment, health, and women empowerment. They will then zoom into  the education, infrastructure and  sports sectors. Lastly they will hurdle the affairs of tourism and agriculture into betterness.

The source also mentioned that the “KPP” administration will work vigorously to implement policies that will take care of Ghanaians by creating employment for the youth.

Also, providing the health needs of the people would also be their outmost priority. He said if Prophet Kumchacha is elected president, his government will build well equipped general hospitals in all the 16 regions of Ghana to support the existing ones which are at times chocked.

The source, however, appealed to the people to consider him for the coveted office of the president based on his experiences and commitment to democratic norms.

The team then has assured Ghanaians that they are going to see more of KPP as they have readied their campaign song and fliers which they will release soon.

Watch this space for more updates on this story.

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Pay bloggers to make you popular instead of contesting Mahama-Kofi Adams to NDC flag bearers.



NDC Member of Parliament(MP) for Buem constituency, Kofi Adams, has disclosed that it will only be wise for anybody who will decide to contest former President Mahama for the 2024 flagbearership of the NDC to pay bloggers with the campaign money for them to make him or her popular.

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ programme, the former National Organizer of the party explained that he cannot understand why somebody would want to contest former President John Dramani Mahama who has already been marketed and known within the party and the country at large.

“This is not the time we will need to do try and error or market a new candidate. Former President John Manhama is tried and tested and has proven that he is very popular in the country. He won over six million votes in the last elections and I don’t think it will be proper for the party to choose a new candidate over him,” Kofi Adams said.

Whiles voicing his support for the idea of potential candidates contesting against the former President for the flagbearer position of the party, Kofi Adams pointed out that it will only be proper and wise for who ever decides to contest him, to spend that money on bloggers so that they can make him popular.

He maintains though he has not heard from Dr. Kwabena Duffour on his decision to contest the former leader of the party, he believes that Dr. Duffour will not make such a grave mistake to contest the man of the moment.


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