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“Hear My Cry” By Ama Asare Annancy And GloriousGlorya: A Heartfelt Fusion of Worship And Supplication



Gospel music sensation, Ama Annancy, together with GloriousGlorya has unveiled a soul-stirring masterpiece, “Hear My Cry”, a heartfelt plea to God Almighty to soothe the pain of the soul.

This poignant ballad is a sincere and authentic cry for comfort, set against a backdrop of melancholic melodies that will touch the very depths of your heart.

With “Hear My Cry”, Ama Annancy and GloriousGlorya have crafted a prayer in song form, expertly weaving together a beautiful tapestry of praise and supplication.

Just as in traditional prayer, she begins by showering God Almighty with adoration and praise, before humbly presenting her needs. Her powerful vocals soar as she sings, “Oh Lord, hear my cry, and answer me”, her voice cracking with emotion as she pours her heart out to God.

This stunning classic, performed in both English and Twi languages, is a masterclass in musical storytelling. The flowing piano keys, mellow strings, pulsing bass, and soaring lead guitar strums create a symphony of sound that will lift your spirits and nourish your soul.

The song’s production is impeccable, with each instrument complementing Ama Annancy and GloriousGlorya’s voices perfectly, creating a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

“Hear My Cry” is more than just a song – it’s an experience. It’s a journey of hope and resilience, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, God’s love and grace are always within reach.

Stream, download, enjoy, and share, “Hear My Cry” from below.




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“Blessed” Comes Alive: Joseph Matthew and Abusua Band Deliver Electrifying Live Show



In response to the overwhelming demand from fans, Afrogospel powerhouse Joseph Matthew has unleashed a breathtaking live rendition of his smash hit single ‘Blessed’, accompanied by the talented Abusua Band.

This uplifting anthem has been a staple on Afrogospel playlists, dominating radio airwaves and soaring to the top of multiple music charts. With tens of thousands of streams and plays across various music platforms, ‘Blessed’ has undoubtedly etched its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

The live performance, which begins with a captivating prelude, showcases Matthew Joseph’s effortless transition into a magnetic delivery, infusing the original with a fresh, lively, and captivating energy. His unique style and charisma shine through as he brings ‘Blessed’ to life, making this live rendition an unforgettable experience.

Witness the magic of Joseph Matthew and Abusua Band’s live performance of ‘Blessed’ below, and join the thousands of fans who have fallen in love with this Afrogospel masterpiece.

Share this incredible experience with your loved ones and let the uplifting spirit of ‘Blessed’ inspire and bless your day!

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Wicked Queen J Excels in Denmark’s Academic Arena”




Revered Ghanaian musician, Wicked Queen J, based in Denmark, has made a remarkable achievement in the academic realm, successfully completing her two-year program in Pharmaceutical and Psychology at ‘Sosuh’, one of Denmark’s most prestigious secondary education and vocational schools specializing in health sciences.

With flying colors, Wicked Queen J has demonstrated her intellectual prowess and dedication to excellence, excelling in a rigorous course that combined the in-depth study of pharmaceuticals, psychology, and related laws. Her comprehensive training encompasses managing and caring for mental health disorders, authorization law, psychopath law, sympathetic law, medical laws, and service laws, showcasing her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector.

As part of her professional development, Wicked Queen J will undertake a four-month service at the esteemed Psychological Institute Psychiatric Hospital, honing her skills and expertise before commencing full-time service at the same hospital, contributing to the nation’s healthcare sector.

Notably, despite her demanding academic schedule, Wicked Queen J continued to nurture her music career, releasing the chart-topping anthem “I Kill For 2” featuring Yaa Pono and Natty Lee, which remains a staple on radio and music outlets, showcasing her artistic versatility and talent.

To celebrate this milestone, Wicked Queen J’s hit single “I Kill For 2” is available below.

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